The latest splogging method

A new example:

Basically an excerpt from a blog, with a random introductory paragraph up-front to make it look human, presumably in the hope that the trackback will be accepted.

Random introductory paragraphs:

  • I’ve a passion for X and keep looking for good articles. Today, I checked if I could find more info by entering ‘Y’ in Google and found this
  • People are always asking me to blog more often, well here you go, I looked up some info on ’Y’.
  • Last night I used Technorati to find more info on ’Y’ so I could post it into ‘X’. And this is one of the many results I found
  • Today I was digging for some info on ’Y’ and came across the following section

Of course, it’s pretty obvious if you look at a few posts in a row. Less so if you’re getting the occasional trackback request.