ANZ computerised banking is user-hostile

I have an ANZ Bank account. Using their website to pay bills is an exercise in frustration. I only have one account, but the website insists on me picking it out of a dropdown with two entries – the first one, the default, instructing me to pick an account. Failure to do so results in an error – “Please choose a From Account.” I only have ONE! Assume that’s where I want to pay from! Then one must pick who to pay, with an option to pick previous billers from a drop-down list. If you pick from the dropdown without JavaScript enabled, you get the error “Please select a biller from the drop-down list or enter a biller code.” – with JavaScript it fills in a few fields for you, but why does it even need you to fill those fields in if you’ve picked your biller already? Fill them in when I click the “I’m done” button!

Finally, we come to a bugbear I have with ANZ currency fields. You can’t enter a dollar amount, it has to include a decimal point with two following cents; they can’t infer from a lack of a decimal point you’re talking about a dollar amount. They enforce this rule on their website, and they insist that at an ATM you enter the number of cents you wish to withdraw from the ATM. Given the smallest unit of currency available from an ATM is $20, what is wrong with this picture?

2 thoughts on “ANZ computerised banking is user-hostile

  1. Ren

    Yes, the other half was having trouble with this for a while. The CBA internet banking system is only marginally better.

  2. Frank

    Cant say I have any problems with internet banking at ANZ, but it is a good point. Why do we have to enter.00 cents, we can’t get cents from an ATM! Presumably this is a really old problem which does not warrant spending millions of dollars upgrading ATM wares to fix. And admittedly it doesn’t really bother me that much, you get used to it.

    Which causes problems on those rare occasions when you use I non-ANZ ATM, when by habit you enter 2-0-0-0 for $20.00, but of course other ATM’s usually don’t work like that, and instead you try to withdraw $2000.00.

    Overall, I’m pretty happy with it. They don’t bother me as much as other banks with the stupid girl talking to you in speech bubbles like I’m an imbecile and other condescending nonsense. No, the ANZ ATM user interface is a no nonsense/don’t stuff around/get in get out smooth operation, no messing around. (apart from having to enter the cents)

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