Office 2007 first impressions

Admittedly I’ve only been using it for a short time, but here are my initial thoughts about Office 2007.

What I like about Office 2007

What I don’t like about Office 2007

  • the new navigation means there’s a learning curve… and half the time old-style dialogue boxes and such popup, showing that really the redesign is only half complete
  • severely limited colour schemes that break the Windows preferences
  • Outlook seems slower – clunky, in fact, sometimes. And keeps complaining it was closed unexpectedly, even sometimes when it wasn’t.
  • Outlook does strange things while writing emails, for instance removing a signature from the text when changing the account you’ll send it from.
  • have to save in the old format when sending files around, as I can’t assume others have the compatibility pack

2 thoughts on “Office 2007 first impressions

  1. Philip

    Still no PDF built in? My Mac will turn any printable thing into a PDF, straight out of the box. What’s Microsoft’s problem?

    And I didn’t know Outlook could get slower than what I experience here at work…

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