Reboot now?

I’m sure I’m not the only one who has been busily tapping away at the keyboard when a dialogue pops up saying “Update installed! Would you like to reboot now?”, and before I can read it and register what it’s asking, a rogue Y, space or Enter keypress happens to tell it that Yes, it is okay to reboot the machine right now…

2 thoughts on “Reboot now?

  1. Itay

    One thing that Firefox got right is whenever an important dialog comes up (such as install this extension yes/no, etc.) there is a brief delay before you can respond, thus minimizing the chances of an accidental keypress doing something unexpected. Microsoft have something to learn here.

  2. Will

    Daniel: You’re definitely not the only one. The other irritation is installers that don’t give you the option of rebooting after they’ve finished – i.e: “Finished installing. Click Finish to reboot!”.

    Itay: Yeah, it’s handy sometimes, but it’s an irritation more often – they should have stuck with the “Don’t give focus” thing – rather than disabling the OK button. i.e downloading several files at once – wheel-click on the files you want to download, and you get prompted to download the file – only each and every dialog has it’s OK button disabled until 2-3 seconds after you click on the dialog.

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