Technology lets down playback

I can think of two examples where digital media has limitations which affect the fidelity of playback in a major way: with music it’s gapless playback, often noticeable on MP3 players and with CDs on some players. With DVDs it’s layer changes, again, worse on some players than others.

This shouldn’t be the case, of course. Digital media of course is meant to be better than analogue, in every respect. I don’t know if there are standards mandated in the relevant formats, but perhaps there should be… or at least some documented workarounds, such as recommending where DVD authors place layer-changes.

After all, these kinds of things can ruin the enjoyment of a movie or piece of music if handled badly.

3 thoughts on “Technology lets down playback

  1. Philip

    I believe iTunes has an option to stick tracks together if they’re supposed to be strung together in an album. You tell it this when importing them and it makes sure to always play them in a row, with no gaps. That would help.

  2. Randall

    Which would be good if iTunes was any good…. And didn’t lose my music collection every few days. Or stop me from adding to my music collection. Or generally being a POS….

  3. Blogless Clive

    Wow Randall. I suspect your installation has more problems than just iTunes.
    I have over 6000 tunes in iTunes, most now with album cover art, and have never had a problem.
    Windows XP.
    Must have got lucky with the 3 iPods in the family as well – none have ever had a problem and
    after 18months still have excellent battery life.
    (Of course, the hit rate for h/w at the office, 5 out of 6 iMacs in for repair in

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