No Vista clean install for you!

Counting on buying an upgrade version of Windows Vista, but wiping the machine first of the old version so it’s a clean install? Bad luck, Microsoft’s made changes that will prevent it, unless you install onto an empty partition. Never mind that it’ll make a periodic re-install a right pain in the arse. What were they thinking?

PS. Tuesday: Ed Bott pours cold water on this, not saying it’s untrue, but saying “wait and see…”

3 thoughts on “No Vista clean install for you!

  1. Philip

    Is it possible that they’ve finally constructed an operating system that doesn’t need to be reinstalled now and then? It’s not such a silly idea. Apple already has it under control.

  2. Ren

    *blinks* No reinstall? I rebuild and upgrade my computer a couple times a year ’cause I’m constantly pulling things out and putting things in. I need to be able to do that. WTF?! Thank god for pirated software.

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