The joys of the Loewe TV service menu

I’ve got a Loewe Profil TV. A few years old now, but going pretty well. Apart, that is, from some scan line thingies appearing at the top of screen when it’s in 4:3 mode. It started happening when the TV (and I) moved house some time ago. I assume it got a bump.

Finally I’ve got into the Service Menu and adjusted it so they don’t appear anymore. Some people give dire warnings about the Service Menu — that you can seriously screw-up your TV if you mess with it too much.

With that warning in mind, I’ll document how to get into the Service Menu so I can remember it for later, as it’s fairly forgettable.

  1. Press the Menu button on the front of the TV (not the remote)
  2. Use it to scroll down to the Service Menu option
  3. Press the Menu button on the remote (not the TV)

Voila, you’re in. From there you can adjust all sorts of settings. Me, I fiddled the Geometry settings. It’s a bit like all the stuff you can do with a computer monitor.

I bumped up the Vertical Amplitude a bit, and lowered the Vertical Position a tad, and it appears to be gone. (Touch wood). Certainly easier to fiddle with it yourself than have to call Loewe’s support line and organise a technician to come out and do it.

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