Have iPods peaked?

You’ve probably heard of Peak Oil.

Have we also reached Peak iPod? MP3 functionality is now available in most mobile phones, and the bulk of people probably don’t particularly want to be carrying a separate music player around.

Meanwhile, there are suspicions that iPod shuffle isn’t totally random. Shades of the Tivo that thought its user was gay?

2 thoughts on “Have iPods peaked?

  1. Tim McVeigh

    I’ve always suspected my Shuffle, and now iPod Video.

    I keep hearing one song play after another, and so very often it’s the same song each time. No way it’s truly random, for what are the odds song 24 would play directly after song 47 so many times?

  2. Ben

    It’s not just iPods, my Creative MP3 player does exactly the same thing in shuffle mode. It always seems to play two tracks by one particular band one after the other (in fact I think it’s the same two songs every time), otherwise it appears to play in a totally random order…

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