The 3210 is dead, long live the 5110

Last week, my Nokia 5110 started acting funny – switching itself off, and so forth. The backup phone, a Nokia 3210 was pressed into service. Gotta love those old Nokias, charger compatability is a lovely thing, even if the battery form-factors aren’t the same.

Anyway, I figured out that the dodgy LiI battery I’d upgraded the 5110 with was the cause of the problems, what with the housing seperating into two pieces and all. I figured I’d get around to fixing it and then the 5110 would then be the backup phone.

Owen proceeded to prove that the 3210 wasn’t as well made as the 5110. The 5110 has suffered hundreds of falls during its service life, due to a clumsy owner. The 3210 was destroyed by a 12 month old child dropping it in the carpark of Bunnings. LCD screen cracked, as well as the protective plastic over the screen. And yes, it was in a protective leatherette case.

With zero operational mobile phones left, I discovered I could repair the dodgy battery for a 5110 by filling it with PVA glue and clamping it for 36 hours.

As good as new. But now I don’t have a spare phone.

1 thought on “The 3210 is dead, long live the 5110

  1. daniel

    My old 6210 misbehaved a bit like that – power problems. I figured out the battery had become loose. Wedged a piece of folded paper between it and the main body of the phone. No more problems. And no glue.

    Mind you, that was two phones ago now…

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