Human load balancing

In Australia, footy-tipping (be it for NRL or AFL) is very popular. And every Thursday, the leading footytips web site sends out a reminder notice, which goes something like “We notice you have not entered your tips for this week!”

It’s an attempt in human load balancing. Footy-tipping is, almost by definition, an activity reserved for Fridays. Discussions around the photocopier/water-cooler/kitchenette invariably take place about the fitness of each team in the competition, the players, the injuries, the stats. Close examination of the Friday morning newspapers reveals more information on how people should tip.

All of which means that for sites like, they need a lot of server capacity on Fridays, when everyone enters their tips, on Mondays, when people look at the results, and for the other five days of the week they’re quiet.

In a way I can understand them wanting to encourage tips entry earlier than Fridays… but it goes against the whole culture of it. Nobody wants to enter their tips on Thursdays. And we all want to look at the results on Mondays. No amount of nagging people to do otherwise is going to work.

Maybe they can find some other application which is really busy from Tuesday to Thursday, and on the weekend, and share their infrastructure?

1 thought on “Human load balancing

  1. josh

    I tip on Monday/Tuesday, when I can get the least biased information from my sources. By the end of the week, the weight of money has flumixed the value of their (the fixed-odds betting sites) opinions.

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