Web site glitch

The Herald-Sun (and most of the News Ltd properties) vastly improved their web site a week or two ago. But they’re obviously having a few issues this morning…

Herald-Sun glitch

Ah, I see they’ve fixed it already.

2 thoughts on “Web site glitch

  1. josh

    Ha! This is an age-old problem in the newspaper industry. Sub-editors would be laying out pages, and chuck in temporary headings while trying to make things look pleasing. And then something would happen, and the temporary heading wouldn’t be noticed as temporary, and out it would go to nearly a million readers. Hard to just “fix it already” on a million pieces of paper. Sometimes the temporary headings were… embarrassing.

    The pre-production software I worked on tried to stop this happening, by detecting common temporary headings and refusing to print high-resolution, print ready artwork; it would still print lo-rez proofs. For some reason this annoyed the subbies.

    Our company newsletter was named for one of the headlines that it failed to stop: Hedding goes here. Human inventiveness knows no bounds.

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