Toys “R” Stupid

Want to see some HTML Form stupidity? Go to and you get:

The stupidist HTML form I've seen in a while

Radio buttons – users know what to expect from them. You can pick only one option. Not these puppies. These happen to be round checkboxes – that you can only turn on. You can’t turn them off! Oh, sure, there’s a “reset” button down the bottom of the form, but can you recall the last time you pressed the “reset” button on a form? I don’t think, in my many many years using the ‘net, I ever have. Not once. I have “reset button blindness”, and I imagine a bunch of others do too.

To top this off, because the site is mainly Flash, figuring out what the address of the page took a while. In the end I had to bookmark it to find it.

I guess that’s what happens when you get schoolchildren to build your website.

1 thought on “Toys “R” Stupid

  1. daniel

    Maybe you don’t have Reset button blindness when there’s no other way to turn off the options you’ve chosen!

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