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Google browser syncI love the idea of Google’s Firefox sync for keeping my bookmarks and so on synced between my work and home computers. It works really well.

But I’m rather less keen on sitting waiting for it to do the update when starting Firefox. Sometimes it seems to take ages. Thankfully you can cancel it if you’re too impatient.

3 thoughts on “Google browser sync

  1. NickTork

    Try an alternative extension called “Foxmarks Bookmarks Synchroniser” instead.

    It doesn’t sync all your extensions and cookies etc, but it works seamlessly for your bookmarks. You don’t even notice it running, except when you realise you’ve picked up a bookmark that you made on a different computer.

  2. glen

    That’s interesting. I’ve started using for exactly this reason. So I don’t use my favorites at all any more.

    It works quite well, except that you can’t get a succinct list like the favorites drop down. There’s too much information and you have to scroll to see all of your entries. Otherwise it works really well.

  3. daniel Post author

    I think it was Cameron Reilly who commented he never uses bookmarks anymore, just searches for stuff in Google every time.

    Me, I like to have my top ten web sites available by just clicking on the toolbar. But it’s true that those and my bookmarks don’t change particularly often, perhaps making use of a sync tool redundant most of the time.

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