2 thoughts on “Linux: A European/Commie threat to our computers

  1. Ian

    I should think most people with any idea about the subject will read this and think. How can anyone be so stupid? Rather confirms why technology is in the state it is in globally ad confirms stereotypes of the ignorant American. I was in 2 minds whether to post anything myself but what the hell, I’m an educator lets try and cast a few pearls amongst swine :-). I’m from the UK and all it makes me feel like doing is distancing myself from any USA initiative. For a start the USA didn’t invent computers, at least not on their own. Learn some history. I know its difficult when you haven’t got a history of your own but…. Ok, maybe it was a troll, but it confirms the overwhelming impression that the stereo type in the rest of the World that the Republican right is as thick as pig shit and lead by a guy who can’t string two sentences together. Doesn’t say much for the conservative education system now does it.

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