On and about Google video

Very funny: Why Macs suck (Warning, occasional coarse language)

Speaking of Google Video, they now let you download Google Video (GVP) files and the Player onto Windows or Mac, Video iPod or Sony Playstation Portable. They’ve also got a thing producing the HTML to show the video on your own web site.

3 thoughts on “On and about Google video

  1. josh

    Very funny.

    “You idiot, you bought a Mac. Your files are gone. Gone.”

    “…reserved for the almighty blue Apple.”

    “This bit is for tying the chain to for making a BOAT ANCHOR”

  2. daniel Post author

    Around the traps, Mac fans are dissing it, of course, but they also appear to have identified it as dating back to the OS9 days, when a lot of those problems did happen. Funny stuff, regardless.

    Its original home is here.

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