Acer’s web site needs work

I’ve set up my new desks at home, and have been looking around at good deals on LCD monitors. Officeworks have some Acer ones on special at the moment, so I went to look at the Acer web site to review their dead pixel policy.

It’s a mess in Firefox. Looks rather better in IE. But we’ll live with that for a moment.

Find the page with warranties, and try to look at their monitor warranty:

Error 404
Not found – file doesn’t exist or is read protected [even tried multi]

Great. Find their contact page. It insists on knowing what OS I’ve got installed, because it thinks it’s only for tech support contacts. I lie. Eventually get the form submitted with the info above. It submits, then takes me to… another 404 page.

Bzzt, strike 2. Hopefully the message got through.

So then I tried a site search for “dead pixels”.

Error 500
HTTP Web Server: Lotus Notes Exception – Database is not full-text indexed

Bzzt, strike 3. Acer really needs a revamp of its web site.

2 thoughts on “Acer’s web site needs work

  1. glen

    Acer aren’t the only ones. I am also looking for an LCD monitor, so I jumped into the Officeworks website, found the monitor section, clicked on one of them and was presented with this message:

    The catalogue code you have specified for this product is not valid.
    Please check the first 4 characters. (e.g. G78-EAG210) : BE

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