WordPress 2.0 is coming soon

WordPress junkies may be interested to hear that the WordPress 2.0 Release Candidate is out, with the real release expected to be only days away. From the sounds of it there’s a heap of cool new features in it, though much of it is under-the-hood changes that will affect developers more than anybody else.

One of my summer holiday projects is to upgrade all my WordPress installations. I’ll take a look at 2.0, but of course I’m always wary of jumping straight into major new releases, especially since 1.5.2 is incredibly stable.

1 thought on “WordPress 2.0 is coming soon

  1. Sussy

    Gah, not another one already! Must admit though, the WP guys are on their game. I’ll wait around to make sure it’s all stable and happy for a few weeks before I try to upgrade. I am SO glad my MT days are *over*.

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