Google Talk

Google have launched Google Talk, a chat service that uses GMail logon/password for authentication, and supports instant messaging and voice.

It uses the XMPP protocol for instant messaging, so other clients can connect (including those on non-Windows platforms that their client doesn’t support yet), and they say they will support SIP in future for voice.

Now… why wasn’t this included with their Desktop sidebar? That would be one killer helper app. Not that I’m convinced the world needed another IM network.

3 thoughts on “Google Talk

  1. tony

    It is included.

    Install Google Talk, shut down Google Desktop, restart Google Desktop and then you can add a Talk panel via the Add/Remove Panels options.

    Now, if only I could find someone to talk to on it.

  2. daniel Post author

    ooh. Cool.
    Well I’ll take a look when I get the chance, but I don’t see a compelling reason to desert Trillian just yet.

  3. Jeremy

    I’m waiting for them to add interoperability with existing Jabber servers, then it won’t be yet another IM network. Once that happens, Australians can also look to using as an alternative to using Google Talk directly, that is a lot closer to home, while still being able to talk to others using Google.

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