Why I need a better keyboard

I need a better keyboard at work ‘cos once I’m in the zone and coding at a rate of knots, no way should I be frustrated and have my train of thought derailed by unresponsive keys. A bit like why they brought back the Sonic Screwdriver (to paraphase Russell T Davies, the story shouldn’t be delayed by a locked door).

Is this a problem? Yup. My keyboard at work noticeably misses me pressing Ctrl-C at times, and other keys seem sluggish too. Has been like that since new, about 6 months ago. Maybe I’ll see if I can swap it for another one from somewhere.

2 thoughts on “Why I need a better keyboard

  1. josh

    I’ve got a thing for 101 keyboards… I like having a spacebar wider than a couple of keys…

  2. glen

    If you touch type, go an ergo keyboard. The MS Natural keyboard is a good entry level one.

    I’ve got one and it reduces stress on my shoulders enormously. If I go back to a regular keyboard I get sore and cramped within minutes.

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