Various stuff

Ren on what happens when somebody buys an iPod but has no idea how it works — Yep, one of my music nut friends who doesn’t have a computer keeps asking me about them.

Tim Berners-Lee on where the web is going.

Jakob Nielsen on designing web sites for international use — Previous rants on this topic: MSN Weather (F vs C); Web site globalisation (date and address formats)

CNet on ten sorely missed technologies — I knew a couple of guys who had Newtons… I wonder what came of them?

1 thought on “Various stuff

  1. Peter

    Not so much sorely missed, but simply bypassed (by most people
    who got the internet after approx 1996), are Newsgroups / Usenet
    before they got taken over by trolls & spammers.

    Connection speeds are faster now, but we’re using bandwidth-intensive
    online forums more, so we’re about where we started.

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