New console wars start

Microsoft announces a bunch of XBox 360 game collaborations and confirms XBox 360 will be compatible with (old) XBox games, though there’s some doubt over how it will be achieved, and evidently it won’t be clean: Microsoft representatives did say they would start with more popular titles such as “Halo,” then move down the line.. Yeuch, sounds messy.

Meanwhile Sony has pulled the covers off the Playstation 3, with what sound like some very impressive performance stats.

Oh, and some mob called Nintendo with a console called Revolution appears to be destined yet again for third place.

(Thanks Tony)

2 thoughts on “New console wars start

  1. Britton

    Your an idiot.There are thousands of more consumers in Japan then
    in America. A general percentage of the japanese won’t buy the xbox360
    Sonys rediculous price is causeing most young adults, (ages 15-17)
    to set there sights on the Xbox360 and the Wii. Nintendo’s motion senseing
    technoligy is a step forward in a new style of gameing that will give
    gamers more gameplay options. Anyone who plays video games will tell you
    that gameplay is far more important then a graphic hard drive. Which
    brings the xbox360 back a notch. Sponsers think that Sonys price on the
    ps3 is rediculous, and are far more impressed by the Wii’s style of gameplayy.
    So you should see a line up of more then 30 games for the Wii by 2007
    Sonys price is mainly based on the blow they took from Apple and there Ipod.
    Which leaves Xbox360 and the WII head to head. You need to do your research.

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