Soundcard problem fixed

Remember my noisy soundcard at work?

Well, the problem has been fixed – by getting a new computer. Naturally, it wasn’t the only reason for an upgrade, but it was the main reason. 😉

But that’s not the impressive thing; the impressive thing has been the upgrade process. It was the smoothest I’ve ever experienced. Old parallel IDE drive out, plugged into new SATA computer’s CD ROM cable; boot OS, copy a couple of directories over, shutdown computer; remove old parallel IDE drive, reassemble box; boot OS, work. And that was it. Must have taken 15 minutes tops – I was expecting two days of downtime or lowered productivity. Every piece of software I need was installed and ready to go, I only had to tweak a couple of preferences. Similar process for all the other upgrades the team has undertaken this week.

So, my opinion of Dean, the guy that organised it all, has gone through the roof. Dean rules. He rocks.

And all because he arranged to not waste my time. What a guy.