Dashboard Widgets: Some useful ‘geek’ tools

Here’s a brief look at some widgets which will be of more use to the geeks / techies.

  • Whoisdget 1.0 – WHOIS database checker – opens results in an Internet browser window. Shame it doesn’t put the results right in the Dashboard as an option.
  • QuickCommand – puts four most used UNIX shell commands on buttons. Outputs results to the widget’s window.
  • bonSearch:info 1.1 – an interface for searching information in sources such as Google, Wikipedia, Britannica, CDDB, Creative Commons. Results are opened up in a new Internet browser window. For this number of sources, it’s quicker than going to each individual site and you can hop to and fro from Dashboard with the same search term.
  • Lasso Reference If you use Lasso (I don’t) this is an online reference searcher. As per others, it’s really just a quick way of launching the website you need with the search term already plugged in. May save you some seconds.
  • Shell Watcher – monitor any shell command with customisable update period.
  • Network Stat 1.0 – displays your LAN and WAN IP addresses.