Traffic climbing

I’d like to welcome all the readers we seem to have picked up over the last few weeks. I don’t know where you’ve all come from (haven’t had time to properly peruse the logs) but the graphs are clear: like a thriving assassination business, we’re getting more and more hits all the time. Hopefully it’s not ‘cos it’s a couple of people who’ve got their RSS readers pounding us every 5 seconds.

Don’t forget to leave us comments. We love to hear your thoughts on the gumpf we post up here. If you were waiting for a post where you felt you could contribute something witty, relevant and intelligent, well… you can keep waiting, or feel free to say hello on this one.

Bearing in mind that we’re currently on a low budget cheapo traffic plan at the moment, and perilously close to blowing out our monthly quota after just 3 weeks into March, I’ve fiddled the WordPress settings to only serve 10 posts via the home page or RSS feed — down from the default of 20. This should still give you about a week’s worth of Geekrant Goodness, which should be plenty for most people. And hey, it’s all in the archives if you want to delve back further. But let us know if it effects you.

And if the traffic keeps climbing, I’ll be pushing the plan up a notch to handle it.