Trillian 3 feature

Happy new year!

One Trillian 3 feature that seems largely pointless is that it does Wikipedia lookups of some words. Hmmmm. I suppose it could occasionally be useful, but I don’t know how it chooses the words to lookup, and Wikipedia may not always be the first choice for finding what the word means in context.

For instance:

That would have to count as one of the most out-of-context, inaccurate and pointless definitions I’ve ever seen. Thus, I’ve turned that option off.

2 thoughts on “Trillian 3 feature

  1. Paul Wakeford

    How are you finding Trillian v3? I’m still on v0.74, I’ve seen a lot of complaints about how big it’s grown and that it has more connection problems. Any killer must-upgrade features?

  2. Daniel

    Speed seems okay on my aging P3-650Mhz/256Mb machine. According to Task Manager it’s grabbing just under 4Mb of memory, which I think is probably less than the newest versions of ICQ.

    No compelling features to upgrade (unless you want pointless Wikipedia lookups…) but I’m assuming under the hood it’s more stable. (I recall having problems with ICQ file transfer in older versions, but haven’t tried it yet.)

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