Imp hates Firefox… or is it the other way around?

Missing HTML?
The webmail my ISP uses (a horde IMP, or somesuch opensource thingy) doesn’t play nicely with Firefox. It was broken in 0.9.2 and it’s broken in 1.0PR. Why does it stop in the middle, or miss the start, or something, of the HTML transfer?

The only things I keep IE around for now are Flash amusements and webmail.

I demand that someone who isn’t me fix this. It’s my right as a freeloader.

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4 thoughts on “Imp hates Firefox… or is it the other way around?

  1. Daniel

    Ditto, works for me on FF 0.9, but I have no idea which version of Horde it is — no Help/About here. But then, I don’t like Horde’s little self-promotional footer on each message (can this be turned off?)

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