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The buzz on Google Buzz

On Google Buzz (posted on Google Buzz):

Daniel Bowen – So this is Google Buzz, eh? Is it going to be as useful and popular as Google Wave? Or Google Orkut?

Anthony Malloy – Problem is that while you can bring stuff in to your Buzz feed you can’t push stuff out to Facebook – and I think that would be the killer for most people.

Daniel Bowen – Yep. Unless it has unique functionality (like Google Docs) or interoperability (like GMail) or it’s got to reach critical mass before it’s worthwhile.

Daniel Bowen – OK so I found the Connect Sites stuff. Which makes it look a little like Friendfeed (another service I’ve dabbled with then deserted). But you’re right Tony, it’s Facebook where the critical mass of people is, and Buzz doesn’t (yet) talk to that.

Some of Google’s stuff is brilliant, but given on this they are so far behind Twitter, FriendFeed and Facebook, I’m finding it hard to believe that this will achieve any great success.