Risking your irreplaceable images

Oh no, George is at it again: Q. I want to archive family photos and slides from our hard drive onto a DVD. However, I have read that home-burnt DVDs and CDs can have a short shelf life of about five years. What is the best technology to store 1-5 GB of irreplaceable images? B. […]

More from George

More goodness from George Skarbek’s column in The Age (19-Jul-2005). A punter asks George about sending large files across the net. One suggestion is to set up a web host, and the reader is sent off to GoDaddy to find out about domain names and hosting fees, and even ponders if a web server should […]

Moving My Documents

George Skarbek’s column in The Age today features a question from someone pondering moving My Documents. George replies that it involves a bunch of registry fiddling, and that it’s so complicated you can’t do it. Ummm actually, just right-click on it, go to Properties, and you’ll see a Move button. Click, choose the directory, and […]

Music in Powerpoint

George Skarbek’s column in The Age this week answers this question: Q: How can I set up a music file to play through an entire PowerPoint presentation? I can get it into one slide, but it stops when the slide changes. P. Turnham My suggested answer: You shouldn’t. Are you trying to fecking torture your […]