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Yahoo groups spam

On a couple of Yahoo Groups I’m on, we’ve noted spams coming through from long-time members in the last week or two.

The good news is there’s no need to panic. Most probably a spammer out there has worked out that person X posts to list Y, and is forging emails from them from a remote location. Which means it is unlikely that X’s computer has been compromised. (Though of course it’s good practice to have virus protection and regularly do scans.)

If you’re an Admin of a Yahoo Group, you might like to check the Posting settings (group management / Group Settings / Messages / Posting and archives). There is a Spam Filtering option which I believe is switched off by default (it might be a newly added setting).

On the groups I’m on, we had spam coming through, but setting the Filtering on seems to have prevented more of it.

Oh no…

If you are a member of one or more Yahoo Groups, and dread the newbies who unwittingly send through humongous attachments, then watch out.

Just a heads up that the maximum file size that can be attached to a message has been increased from 1.5 megabytes to 15 megabytes. — Yahoo Groups blog

15 megabytes?! Why on earth would they want to allow attachments of that size through email, particularly when YG has

shared files functionality? Ironically the shared files can only be up to 5 Mb.

God help you if you're on dialup.

And we know that YG already has reliability problems. Who knows what'll happen when people are regularly emailing through 15Mb video files.

Of course, group moderators can flick the switch to filter out all attachments, but it's a case of all or nothing.

(Nice to see Yahoo keep a tight lid on people leaving comment spam on their official blogs. heh.)