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LEGO nerds: Brickvention 2011 is coming!

If you’ve got nothing planned for Sunday, January 16th head on down to Melbourne town hall to have a look at the largest collection of LEGO models ever seen in Australia. For example, The Love Boat

Entry is $6/adult, $3/child, or $15/family – details at Brickventures

Open 10am-5pm

God says: LEGO bad

LEGO bricks can make you gay, because they go together so many ways and encourage experimentation.

You’ll probably be okay if you’ve only got them for “research purposes”.

Another random LEGO part

If you’ve got 18 tiny cardboard boxes, all labelled 4508197 – they contain a cape, from the Dwarve’s Mine. That should be in Google now.

Google Lego Logo

What with the Firefox Google page, and the customisable iGoogle, it’s less common these days to see the full-size Google logo, and its special event variations.

So you might have missed this: Google celebrated the 50th birthday of Lego (which was on Monday).

Google: Lego 50th birthday

PS. I forgot to go to the Lego convention thing on Sunday, dammit.

PPS. Chewing Pixels highlights some great Lego finds

Melbourne, Australia Day weekend: Lego

Doesn’t time fly? It seems like only last year Brickvention was on, but it was two years ago. This time ’round it’s being held opposite Flinders Street station, details at the Brickvention 2008 website. As to what to expect: check out the 2006 website, which has some pretty impressive models on it.

LEGO string

If you find a small white box with 4500584 written on it, it has Lego string in it. Googling 4500584 lego didn’t find anything, but now it should.

Escher + Legoâ„¢

Sweet merciful mind-melting God! Photos of Lego implementations of Escher drawings are back on the web.

People People People: the pural of Lego is Lego. Like with sheep. In fact, I think Lego likes their bricks to be called “LEGO bricks” (yelling and all), to distinguish from the company.