Printer review turns into commentary on content farming

My old Canon MP610 is something like 17 years old, and does the job I need it to – sits in the corner out of the way, occasionally used for printing and scanning.

I even got it to work in Windows 10, though I don’t know what’ll happen with my next OS once Win10 falls out of support. (It may be possible as a consumer user to pay for updates, but it won’t be cheap.)

Anyway, I sometimes ponder a new printer. Not that I need one, but if I did, this review caught my eye:

The Verge: After a full year of not thinking about printers, the best printer is still whatever random Brother laser printer that’s on sale.

It’s not just a printer review; it’s a commentary on the new world of AI, content farming, and hopeless Google search results, and it’s well worth a read.

3 thoughts on “Printer review turns into commentary on content farming

  1. Nick the Geek

    > It may be possible as a consumer user to pay for [Win10] updates, but it won’t be cheap.

    I’m glad I run ArchLinux. Sidesteps both problems (1. needing to upgrade OS every few years; 2. paying for the OS or its updates).

  2. daniel Post author

    yep, it’s got me pondering switching over to Linux as well actually, at least for my desktop machine which won’t be able to run Win11 but is perfectly capable otherwise.

  3. Anonymous

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