myTax – pleasantly surprisingly pain-free

I’m sometimes wary of online services, especially those provided by government. (Heck, look at the Myki web site… it’s clunky and still looks like it was written last decade — which of course it was, and it’s never had more than a minor update.)

But having tried the Windows-based eTax for the first time last year (when the Australian Taxation Office pretty much forced everyone off the paper Tax Packs by not making them generally available), this year I tried out MyTax, which is the cut-down simplified web-based tax return system. It means I can avoid having to download and install eTax.

It has to be linked to a MyGov account, which is Big Brother’s logon system that includes (at your option) services provided by the ATO, Medicare, Centrelink and others.


Signing up and submitting the tax return all seemed to go fairly smoothly, and the simplified design (it can’t handle more complex tax affairs) means the process of entering all the information is much quicker than using a Tax Pack or eTax.

A big criticism of eTax has been that it only works under Windows. Given MyTax is also cross-platform, I wonder how long it’ll be before it is enhanced and replaces eTax completely.

The only criticism I have with it is that once you’ve submitted, it says there’s only one chance to Save and/or Print what you’re submitting. That’s a bit weird. And it doesn’t actually allow you to Save, only to Print. I cheated and Saved by copy/pasting the HTML into Word, and saving that.

2 thoughts on “myTax – pleasantly surprisingly pain-free

  1. Philip

    I used eTax this year – they have a Mac version now – and it’s still as clunky and poorly laid out as it was in Windows.

  2. Kiwi Nick

    If you run a Decent Operating System, you can print … to a PDF file. In the older Linux/Ubuntu versions, you installed the pdf-print package (from memory). The application thinks you’re printing to a real printer, but it saves to a PDF in a fixed directory. The newer versions have it built-in as a choice in the print dialog.

    I’ve even used a Windows virtual machine and had that print to a remote printer on Linux … which is infact that pdf-print software/driver. Saves me a whole pile of paper.

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