Grumpy Duck has a nothing

There was some massacre in the US (again) and the pundits are trying to explain why the perp did it. Closest they got is “well, he did like violent video games. Said it was like he was actually there, doing it”. I predict calls to ban violent video games. I’ve reached the point where I’ve given up caring about massacres in the USA; I’ve researched why they can’t make laws controlling gun ownership and it turns out the Supreme Court has taken a very pro-gun interpretation of the US Constitution in some recent key cases. The decisions made have cast gun availability in stone, so to alter that in any way now it’s a simple matter of changing the constitution if they want safety. Which they’re not going to do, so screw ’em. Massacres are the price the USA pays for having those laws of its land.

If you’re not going to change your laws, quit whining.  Either you love gun massacres and stay in The Greatest Country On Earth, or you sod off to a proper country. Why not celebrate these massacres as a beacon to the rest of the world, a sign that your country loves freedom – and that the occasional mass killing is just a timely reminder of how valuable those freedoms are?  Besides which, those shot in mass killings deserved it – they failed to exercise their constitutional right to bear arms. Increase your personal safety and that of those around you – go buy a gun, right now!  Buy two: one for each hand.

Kids in the USA get Grumpy Duck has a gun.

Aussie kids get Grumpy Duck has a nothing.

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  1. Spammy T. Spammer

    A keyword-matching spam-bot supplied this, which a reverse google found:

    Efforts to regulate video games in the name of curbing violence face even more obstacles. A 2011 Supreme Court ruling tossed out a California law that banned the sale or rental of violent video games to minors, a ruling that negated numerous other state laws and proposals. Even video game critics like the Parents Television Council acknowledge the ruling limits what legally can be done.

    Spambots for the win, also proving me right.

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