Much spam from iCMG/KnowledgeHut/bmsend

At work I’m getting repeated spams from one mob which send surprisingly similar emails about conferences and training from various domains, which include: (added 2014-01-13) (added 2014-04-01) (added 2014-04-07) — (added 2014-07-24 — also noted use of the brand name KnowledgeHut ) — (added 2014-08-06 — still using KnowledgeHut name)
Sent by on behalf of (added 2014-08-18) (added 2014-08-26) (added 2014-09-16) (added 2014-09-16) (added 2014-09-18) (added 2014-09-18) (added 2014-09-26 — note typo) (added 2014-09-26) (added 2014-09-30) (added 2014-09-30) (added 2014-10-03) (added 2014-10-13) (added 2014-10-15) (added 2014-10-22) (added 2014-10-27) (added 2014-10-30) (added 2014-10-30) (added 2014-11-10) (added 2014-11-14) (added 2014-12-09 — note it appears to misspell “initial”) (added 2014-12-19) (added 2014-12-19) (added 2014-12-19) (added 2015-01-12) (added 2015-01-13) (added 2015-01-22) (added 2015-02-17) (added 2015-02-17) (added 2015-03-05) (added 2015-02-17 — includes “” in unsubscribe links) (added 2015-02-17 — other domains mentioned include,, (added 2015-03-11) (added 2015-03-11) (added 2015-03-16) (added 2015-04-10) (added 2015-05-14 — using… Is this ICMG branching out into health services, or a different company making use of the same spam sending service? Looks like the latter. They even quote an Melbourne address: Level 2, 607 Bourke Street) (added 2015-06-25 — also quotes in the dodgy unsubscribe link) (added 2015-07-15) (added 2015-07-15) (added 2015-07-15) (added 2015-07-21) (added 2015-08-24) (added 2015-12-02) (added 2015-12-02) (added 2015-12-02) (added 2015-12-10) (added 2015-12-10) (added 2015-12-10) (added 2015-12-22) (added 2015-12-22) (added 2016-04-06) (added 2016-04-06) (added 2016-04-06) – emails include subject lines proclaiming “Learn Andorid”! (added 2016-04-06) (added 2016-04-28) (added 2016-05-18) (added 2016-05-18) (added 2016-05-18) (added 2016-06-21) (added 2016-06-21) (added 2016-06-21) – used as a Reply-To address (added 2016-06-21) (added 2016-06-21) (added 2016-06-21) (added 2016-06-22) (added 2016-06-22) (added 2016-06-28) (added 2016-06-29) – this appears to be sent via (added 2016-07-04) (added 2016-08-23) (added 2016-08-23)

Apart from using many different domains, these guys also continually change the address within the domain, and Outlook doesn’t appear to be able to consign an entire domain to the blocked senders list.

Many include this footer:

You are receiving this e-mail because you happen to be either our client or were added to our comprehensive database on account of your contribution in the IT domain. However, should you no longer wish to receive any further mails from our side, please Click here Unsubscribe iCMG | Level 9, Avaya House, 123 Epping Road, North Ryde, NSW.| Phone +61 2 8005 0977

…but of course I’ve tried that and it doesn’t work… it probably only served to prove to them that mine was a live address.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the street address quoted is a serviced office.

I have been putting these domains into the spam senders list in Exchange, but they still get through. I can only assume that the list in Exchange is a “soft” one.


I have, of course, passed on a spam message to the ACMA spam reporting people… but I don’t hold out much hope of any success there.

I’m adding additional domains as they come up — when I get the chance. It’s interesting to see that some of them include spelling errors; most are just semi-random buzzwords stuck together.

3 thoughts on “Much spam from iCMG/KnowledgeHut/bmsend

  1. Nick the Geek

    Perhaps a certain mis-spelling of that last domain (from “Anonymous” would tell the whole truth:

    Time to use disposable addresses (SpamGourmet, or similar).

  2. Steve Harrison

    I tracked my spam back to signing up to ‘The Open Group’. Knowledgehut is listed as a member of The Open Group, and therefore seems to have access to everyone’s email address.

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