Wikipedia is now blacked out

Wikipedia is now blacked-out for 24 hours.

Wikipedia blacked-out

Note that at the time of writing, clicking the “Learn more” link takes you to a page that momentarily has more information, but then itself gets blacked-out. D’oh. I’m guessing they’ll fix that soon.

I’m guessing the Google Cache will get a good workout in the next 24 hours. To use it, search Google as normal; look for the Wikipedia link, and click the right button [1] to make the cache preview appear, then click the “Cached” link [2] to look at it in full size.

Using the Google Cache to read Wikipedia

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3 thoughts on “Wikipedia is now blacked out

  1. Will hughes

    You can still access Wikipedia on mobile devices, or if you disable javascript in your browser.
    This was a deliberate thing for access ‘in an emergency’.

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