Monthly Archives: November 2011

The trouble with Seesmic for Android

I really like Seesmic for Android, except for this: sometimes when there’s a short period of a poor mobile reception, it gets jammed, despite the signal subsequently improving.

In this case, after going through a poor signal area on my train commute home, I was back in the land of strong 3G and even wifi at home, but still it was stuck, trying to update.

The only way to deal with it appears to be a Forced close then a restart.

Surely it could be tweaked to handle bad connections better?

Bye bye Google Wave

Google Buzz went west; the lesser-known Google Jaiku is shutting-down in January. No surprise to hear another aborted Google social media product will go belly-up: Google Wave to go read-only from 31/1/2012, and being switched-off on 30/4/2012.

They must really be hoping that Google Plus stays the distance.

Ozemail floppy disk

Amazing the things you find during a clear out. Here, from 1996, is an Ozemail disk.

Ozemail disk from 1996

Australians would remember they used to turn up in magazines and so on, though they were never quite as ubiquitous as the America Online disks that seemed to show up everywhere in the North American magazines.

I haven’t tried to see if this one will still install on Windows 7… in fact for now it’s still sealed in its plastic.

The Ozemail web site forwards to iiNet, so I guess they got bought out by them somewhere along the line — in 2005 according to Wikipedia.