Summer 2011/2012 starts

I declare summer whenever there’s going to be 7 consecutive days in a row above 19 degrees.  And as such:

Friday            Max 22  Shower or two.    
17/09/11  Min 10  Max 25  Shower or two developing.    
18/09/11  Min 12  Max 21  Sunny.    
19/09/11  Min 11  Max 27  Showers developing. Windy.
20/09/11  Min 12  Max 20  Shower or two.     
21/09/11  Min 13  Max 22  Morning shower or two.    
22/09/11  Min 12  Max 24  Mostly sunny.


In September.

It’s a good thing that global warming is a beat up by the greens, a front for communist interests trying to take control of our lives and introduce excessive and unneeded regulation – or else I might be worried.