Gateway computer, circa 2000

Was clearing out some papers on the weekend and found this: an order form for a Gateway computer from June 2000. I can hardly believe I used to spend that much dosh on buying computers.

Order form for a Gateway computer, June 2000

I seemed quite impressed with the spec when I ordered it.

That computer worked until 2005, when its (custom) PSU died.

Comparison of costs: 1995 vs 2000 vs 2005.

To this day, the speakers that came with it (from “Cambridge Soundworks”) are still going strong, even though their beige colour doesn’t match all the black stuff.

1 thought on “Gateway computer, circa 2000

  1. Philip

    It always used to cost about $3000 to buy a computer powerful enough to last a few years and run all of the standard software. Anything cheaper was a bit too slow even for normal office work.

    These days, somehow, it’s possible to buy a hugely competent desktop machine for $1000. You can even buy a powerful laptop for $1400. I don’t know how this happened or what caused it, but that $3000 rule evaporated.

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