Skype: will it stay multiplatform?

So, as of today, Skype is available for:


  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Linux


  • Android
  • iPhone/iPad
  • Symbian (some Nokia and Sony Ericsson)

Now that Microsoft has bought Skype, it’ll be interesting to see which platforms are supported in, say, 6-12 months time. I bet Windows Phone 7 will be there, but will any disappear?

As Office Watch speculates:

Skype has benefited from being independent of any operating system or platform. If there’s sufficient users for an operating system, Skype made the necessary software. Windows, Mac, Linux, iPhone, Android etc, all have Skype downloads because it was in Skype’s corporate interest to have broad based coverage.

Now, that corporate interest has changed. Any Skype development will go through the filter of serving Microsoft’s broader corporate agenda. Despite Microsoft’s assurances, that will gradually change Skype into something that gives preference to Windows, Windows Phone and other Microsoft products.

Wired also has a good piece pondering why MS bought it.

1 thought on “Skype: will it stay multiplatform?

  1. Andrew

    If you were interested in apps twelve months ago, you would have bought an Iphone. In a short time, there are heaps of apps for Android. If MS locks up Skype, then another version will appear. Google appears to be the only company that can truly lock things up, perhaps because they give people what they want.

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