Amusing comment spam

Amusing comment spam left on my personal blog:

Spammers leave spam comments in the belief that they will gain better search engine rankings and traffic by building as many links to their websites as possible. Spammers often employ bots or other automated systems to look for mortgage blog and website and leave self serving promotional comments links..Spam is a numbers game so if spammers can send automated spam to large numbers of websites for very little money so even if they convert a small percentage of the sites they spam they can make a profit..Spammers will also leave links to their websites in an attempt to push link juice or Google Juice to their websites but most mortgage websites and blogs add a rel nofollow tag to prevent the passing of pagerank or link juice.

And this one, from a user apparently who signed him/herself “penis enlargement”.

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Regards: PoormanBH2011

Yeah right. Like I’m going to approve that.

BTW, both were caught correctly by Akismet.