uTorrent crapware

The latest version of uTorrent comes with an unwelcome friend — some kind of app host called Conduit, and a waste-of-time toolbar in IE and Firefox.

I don’t know if they’re dangerous or not (you’d hope the uTorrent people wouldn’t have allowed them in if there was any risk), but I certainly think they’re unwelcome, and the semi-auto update from the previous version of uTorrent didn’t give me the option of having them or not.

To remove them, go into Control Panel, Add/Remove programs and remove:

uTorrent toolbar

You’ll also need to go into Firefox and in Tools, Addons, do the same.

That seems to do it (touch wood). uTorrent, unsurprisingly, seems to work fine without them.

Hey uTorrent guys, love your product, but stick to your core business, eh? Don’t let bundled crapware like this drag you down.

Update 24/12 — also noted: it changes your Firefox home page without asking, too.

6 thoughts on “uTorrent crapware

  1. Julian Wearne

    Just decided to do a fresh install of uTorrent to see what would happen. It did indeed have the toolbar bundled, but there was the option not to install it and use uTorrent as I was before.

    Annoying that the makers have decided to bundle this junk in with it. The entire reason I use uTorrent over any other torrent app is the small footprint and unobtrusiveness of the program. It used to do what it was meant to do, and little else. Rare in software these days, and obviously becoming rarer still!

  2. Ethan Nobles

    There is the option to not to add that Conduit nonsense, BUT only if you are doing a new install of uTorrent or BitTorrent.

    Should you choose to upgrade, that wonderful slop gets slipped on your system and you’re forced to clean up the mess it leaves behind.

    Got rid of uTorrent completely. That’s a shame, too — great application.

  3. R. Bemrose

    I just stumbled upon this myself after using uTorrent for the first time in a few months.

    I knew uTorrent getting purchased by BitTorrent, Inc. would be a mistake… I’m actually somewhat surprised it took this long for the crap to be added.

  4. Bruce Tucker

    Hi there I am in the same boat as Ethan nobles I just hate Utorrent wished I had never downloaded it as I simply hate the tool bars we could have been warned about this scam they are producing, I have written to Utorrent several times asking kindly how to get rid of it no reply so all I can hope is they die a sudden death and go broke I have read other forums and it is just junk, maybe you need egineers with commonsense to work for you and you may make some money to me you are going about the whole thing wrong as a form of cheating, if you are going to reply just tell me how to get rid of it thanks BT Australia

  5. MikeD

    Driving me nuts and not only that, its trying to send an email non-stop which has blocked all outgoing emails.

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