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Doctor Who games

The Good Game reviewers have spoken:

‘a steaming pile of garbage’. The first real Doctor Who game on the DS isn’t just bad; it’s one of the worst misuses of a license I’ve seen.


Set a few hundred years after the DS game, Return sees the Doctor and Amy investigating some strange signals coming from the vicinity of Jupiter. They come across the strangely deserted SS Lucy Grey. They then have to fight for their lives against shoddy gameplay mechanics and one of the worst cameras I’ve endured in years.

Sounds like they both pale in comparison with the PC games put out earlier in the year. What a shame.

I hate the Mighty Mouse

Apple Mighty MouseWe’ve got an iMac in the PTUA office which I use on the odd occasion. I’ve gradually got used to the world of MacOS, but one thing I still hate is the Mighty Mouse.

There’s something about the feel of it — the non-buttons, and the scroll wheel in particular. I hate the feel of it. It feels really uncomfortable in my right hand; it leaves my fingers tingling in a most unpleasant way. And it’s not much better in my left hand either.

I don’t recall having this kind of reaction with any other mouse. And I don’t even understand why this one feels so bad to me.

It’s odd. Anybody else had the same sensation?

(Pic credit: Wikipedia)