Birthrate<2.0 in Australia does not mean the end of the species

I’m listening to politicians rambling on about paid maternity leave and one just observed that it’s a crying shame that in Australia the birth rate is less than 2.0 per female.  Said same politician is advocating for more financial support for those undergoing IVF.

This planet does not need more people.  Governments should not be encouraging their production.

I’d like to point out that as it has in the past, Australia can very easily import humans to fill any shortage of warm bodies needed to care for the Baby Boomers in their dottage.  We don’t need to breed workers for the elderly-care industry.

2 thoughts on “Birthrate<2.0 in Australia does not mean the end of the species

  1. Jon Jermey

    But the bodies we import won’t be Oztralian! They might not follow football and eat meat pies! They might not share our culture; some of them may ride bicycles instead of cars, and eat food that smells funny!

    Seriously, there is a lot of xenophobia hidden away in the agenda of population growth. Nobody is going to come out and say, like Menzies, that we need to have lots of Caucasian children to push back the brown and yellow hordes: but a lot of people are thinking it.

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