TV splitterI want to share a TV signal between the VCR and the shiny new media PC.

So I went along to Dick Smith and bought a coax splitter thingy, pictured.

But why on earth does it have a male connection on the input, and a female connection on the output? I know cables vary, but surely it should assume the opposite?

It looks like the other one they stock is the same.

As it is, to make this work I’m going to need to use gender bender adapter thingies on all three connections. That’s just silly.

(Or have I somehow got myself some kind of unique antenna cable setup?)

5 thoughts on “Splitters!

  1. Nick

    All the ones I’ve seen of that type are the same. I think the logic is that the male input connector goes straight into the wall socket, giving you the equivalent of 2 wall sockets to connect equipment to.

  2. Terry

    I think it could be what Nick says or it could for plugging into your TV to connect multiple devices to it. Such as an antenna and a device that still uses RF.

  3. daniel Post author

    You’re right Nick. Shoulda thought of that. I’d prefer to split the signal after the VCR, but doing it from the wall outlet will be easier in the circumstances.

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