Decimalization of eggs

A clear sign that the French have taken over.

I tried to find the Egg Farmers Free Range Eggs, 550g Pk 10 at Woolworths, but the site just doesn’t work, even with JavaScript turned all the way on. And how well does the Woolworths site worth without JavaScript? Not at all well. The blind can go f**k themselves.

A ten-pack of eggs.

I can’t figure out how this is making things better. We have six-packs, so that’s not it. Please, enlighten me.

1 thought on “Decimalization of eggs

  1. Philip

    Well obviously, it’s letting them keep the price the same (nobody likes to see the price go up) but increasing their profits. I can’t spin it as well as a supermarket would, but I bet the price hasn’t dropped by one sixth of what it was!

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