2 thoughts on “Google AU’s views on internet filtering

  1. Adrian

    Its all well and good to say that CF (mandatory internet filtering) is good with limits, and the current Twitter feeds contain comments on how the CF technologies that will be introduced can easily be circumvented. This is all well and good, but in many ways its like saying that a fire extinguisher is a good idea to stop book burning. The fire is out, but does it really stop any other books from being burnt?

    Why should we in a “free” country need to bring circumvention technologies to the table. Doesn’t this country represent the right for all men to express their opinions without prejudice and intervention from Government?

    Its a dark day, the lines on what is and isn’t to be censored will be moved as the “moral minority” decides that they need to do the thinking for us. Yes, by all means, our children need protection, but that is our job. No one wants to be told that they are bad parents, but they also don’t want to spend the time to protect and watch what their children are doing; the result? The government is now our nanny, and the MM can feel smug that they have done enough to “Think about the children, who will think about the children.”

    Its time that we stood up against the injustice whether we want to watch RC content and play RC games or not.

    This morning Australia woke up to the silence of an attack against our civil liberties that will only escalate if implemented.

    Its best summed up in this way: ‘All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing’ Edmund Burke.

  2. josh

    I’m yet to come across anyone who understands what’s going on that supports filtering. And of the people who don’t understand, none support it – out of ignorance of its existence.

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