Bloody iTunes

WTF is wrong with iTunes? Why does it have so much trouble using a network drive as its Library? (Or it may be not so much it being on a network drive, as me daring not to put the library in My Music.)

It's continually telling me that it's lost some songs (apparently chosen at random that day, as it'll loose a few tracks off each album), or giving me an error along the lines of:

The required folder cannot be found.

Oh, brilliant. WHICH FREAKING FOLDER ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT? At least give me a clue so I can go looking for what the problem is.

Oh yeah, the problem is actually at Apple; their Windows team just can't get this right.

Ejecting and re-connecting the iPod temporarily fixes it, but it took three or four goes of this to get the sync finished. Very annoying.

2 thoughts on “Bloody iTunes

  1. glen

    That’s weird. I have all my music on a network share and never have any trouble (except when the remote computer is turned off!)

    I used a mapped drive. Do you?

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