Westpac banking online is broken

I’ve been handling my dad’s banking. Westpac banking online really needs some work.

The logon uses one of those awful click on the buttons to enter your password interfaces. C’mon, is keylogging really that big a problem? What about people watching you individually click each on-screen button?

The logon asks if you’re a personal or a business account. The bank lady explained that for some reason the account I’m using is business. If I forget to change it from the default Personal, but it hardly seems to make any difference. The colour scheme is slightly different, a few of the buttons are re-arranged and some extra options are available. All fine, but why ask me this in the first place? Can’t the system work that out based on the account number?

It’s broken in Firefox. The menus disappear under other elements, making it very difficult to click on things sometimes. Looks positively wizard in IE6, of course.

If you go into some screens, it insists it wants the password when you’re finished. Stupid.

It keeps badgering me to stop receiving paper statements, but when I try that option, it tells me the account is ineligible.

Mind you, I don’t remember seeing any of these paper statements, so Lord knows where they’re going to. I can’t find an option to view or change the postal address.

I looked for ages, and I couldn’t figure out where to order a chequebook. The Help feature was useless. I hope this doesn’t mean I have to go into a branch.

The basics like BPay and funds transfer work, but jeez, this could do with some work.

3 thoughts on “Westpac banking online is broken

  1. Andrew

    I had a Virgin credit card for a while, now taken over by Westpac. It had a log in where you clicked your account number and password on an on screen keyboard. It was slow to use, especially as the keyboard was in alphabetical order and not qwerty! ANZ online and ATMs still annoy me with having to enter .00 after the dollars.

  2. Noel Goddard

    Does Westpac still charge a fee for *every* internet transfer or payment transaction? That habit was what kept me from getting a WBC account. It would have cost me around $8 per fortnight, on top of the usual monthly account fee, to pay all my bills!!!

    Not *this* little black duck!

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