VirtualDub error -100

Memo to self: When VirtualDub complains about an error -100, which it claims could be due to a corrupt file, or a codec problem, check it’s not the latter. In particular, if using the resizing filter, make sure the size can be handled by the codec. In the case of XVid, it won’t handle a size not divisible by 4.

9 thoughts on “VirtualDub error -100

  1. Adrienne

    what must I do to get virtualdub to compress my video? The previous series
    worked perfectly … lately there is this error code 100 … how can I fix this?

  2. daniel Post author

    Keep fiddling with the compression settings. Like I posted, in my case it was the codec not handling a resolution not divisible by 4, but there could be other things that also bring back this error. Or try another codec.

  3. suketeru

    Hello. Just wanted to thank you for this note-to-self.
    I’d totally forgotten about that problem with Xvid and resize ^_^;;

  4. Mikal

    Thank you for this!

    I was getting the error while cropping a video and trying to compress it. The problem was of course that my video was cropped to 304 pixels height. Reducing it to 300 in the crop settings (making it divisible by four) solved it.

  5. Sarge

    Thanks, the problem was an uneven height number. That is I wanted to resize from 480 to 391 and as a result had been getting this error. Changing from 391 to 392 solved it./

  6. Anonymous

    Thank you! One of my AVIs was 640×479, so the whole thing could not append correctly.

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