Sync Google Calendar and phone

I really like Google Calendar. Shared calendars, good interface, it’s becoming my calendar of choice. Except of course the calendar I always have with me is in my phone, a Nokia 6230i.

So I was looking for a way to sync them.

Via Outlook would be pretty easy. Nokia have well-established Outlook syncing software, and you could use Google Calendar Sync between GCal and Outlook.

But I don’t use Outlook since switching to Thunderbird. Ideally a solution would sync with Thunderbird Lightning, but it’s not that important.

I went looking for options:

Open source: GCalSync — for Nokia, Motorola, Sony Ericsson, Blackberry and a few others that run Java. One weakness: does not update entries that have been modified on the phone. Not updated since 2006 though.

Open source: GMobileSync — for Windows Mobile 5.

Open source: PrimoSync — details vague at the moment.

Commercial: CompanionLink (US$29.95, free trial) — for Blackberry, Windows Mobile via Outlook, Palm OS, Apple iPhone

Commerical with some free options: Goosync — the free option is limited to 7 days past, 30 days future, 1 calendar only. I had to refresh my Internet Access Point settings to get it to work. Seems to work okay… the question might be how much the Net access from my phone costs. But it’s handy that it can be initiated any time from the phone, so I’m going with this for now.

Some other options

1 thought on “Sync Google Calendar and phone

  1. Noel Goddard

    I’m probably just being cranky because the incident is still fresh, but I’d be reluctant to go along with “… Nokia have well-established Outlook syncing software …”. Most of the time the Nokia software is “PC Suite” and I’ve been having constant difficulties with the version for my N95. The most recent problem occurred Sunday when it “blue screened” my computer (ostensibly to protect it from damage) and mangled the MBR on a drive containing 3 partitions. Grrrrr.

    Having said that, I will look at some of those suggestions of yours because I also want to be able to carry the latest version of my calendar around with me.

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